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Frequently Asked Questions


 We ripped out old linoleum flooring in our kitchen and found wood floors underneath. We discovered several coats of paint on them and they have been patched with different wood in spots. Can the floor be sanded and refinished to look good? What can be done about the patches in the floor?

 Most older wood flooring can be sanded and refinished. Unlike the machines you rent from the local home improvement centers, our commercial sanders can tackle tough jobs such as: several coats of paint, glue residue from old linoleum flooring, and most pet stains. Patches can be easily repaired to match existing flooring.

 What type of wood flooring finish do you use?

 We use top-of-the-line Bona products that are VOC compliant, environmentally friendly and have long-lasting durability. To learn more about these products, visit www.bonakemi.com.

 When floors are sanded, does it get very dusty?

 With our dust containment systems, there is no airborne dust generated that would permeate a home or business. This creates a healthier environment to work in and cleans up what used to be an extremely dusty process.


 Can my old plaster walls and ceilings be repaired even though they are cracked and peeling down to the lath? Or do they need to be gutted and replaced with new sheet rock?

 There are many methods available for repairing old plaster walls and ceilings. Our method has proven to stand the test of time and has been used by plastering professionals for several decades. We can restore old, cracked and peeling plaster. Using a fiberglass mesh system and expert plastering techniques, we can make your old walls look like new again. This method of repairing creates less mess than gutting and is usually more cost effective than replacing the plaster with sheet rock. In addition, applying sheet rock over plaster walls can cause you to lose the profile of your existing molding.

 What options are available once my walls and ceilings are restored?

 There are many options available today. Your walls will be ready to paint or paper however you choose. There are also many textured finishes available (www.variancefinishes.com). We are the only New York State certified applicator of Variance acrylic finish systems.